Healthy Sleeping Mosquito Net offers protection against mosquitoes, flies and other insects. During monsoon, we are likely to get affected by harmful diseases like malaria, dengue fever and various forms of encephalitis including the west Nile virus. To safeguard yourself against such hazards, you need a protective shield and this is where you really need Healthy Sleeping Mosquito Net. Healthy Sleeping Mosquito Net is foldable, light-weight and easy to carry. It can be assembled in 30 seconds and can be folded in 30 seconds. This mosquito net offers maximum ventilation to you while you are sleeping. Easy to place on beds, floor or outdoors. Now no need to suffer from side effect of mosquito sprays, coils, mats and repellents. Healthy Sleeping Mosquito Net is made from various colour and beautiful flower printed or design mesh. It dimension of (L X W X H) 6′ X 6′ X 4.10′ feet can easily accommodate bed from 5.6′ X 6′ to 6.6′ X 6.6′ feet and has a self-support design that is also foldable. The mosquito net is build using spring steel technology and comes with a storage bag. Additionally, this mosquito net has large zipper on either side which facilitate easy entry and exit. Healthy Sleeping Mosquito Net can be easily hand washed and not to be shrinking, colour fading. However do not use bleaching, dry wash and harsh detergents.


Additional information

Weight 1.488 g
Dimensions 24.4 x 24.4 x 0.8 in

Sky Blue, Sea Green, Badam Pink, Pink, White, Yellow, Violet


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